Flanagan & Testoni LLP, Washington, D.C.

Attorneys Mike Flanagan and Maureen Testoni have a combined 65+ year history as advocates and counselors in the health care industry. They have worked with the full range of health care providers — from large hospital systems to independent community mental health centers — as well as suppliers of goods and services to health care providers, such as health care associations, cloud service providers, staffing companies, and institutions that finance the health care industry.

Why do clients hire us?

Crisis management. Quick response to crisis situations including 340B audits and appeals, Medicare/Medicaid audits and appeals, fraud and abuse investigations, disallowances, inspections, certifications, and licensure surveys.

Compliance strategies. Proven track record assisting clients to develop compliance strategies, policies, and training approaches to ensure compliance and minimize the risk of adverse enforcement actions. Areas of compliance expertise include the 340B program, Medicare/Medicaid billing, and HIPAA information security and privacy.

Contractual and transactional expertise. Ability to efficiently address health care specific issues in contracts and transactions, which are often subject to unique legal and regulatory requirements. Expertise includes 340B contract pharmacy arrangements, HIPAA business associate agreements, medical director agreements, staffing contracts, medical equipment and supply contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and consulting arrangements.

Advocacy. Successful strategies to influence legislative and regulatory outcomes. Health care is a regulated industry governed by legislation, regulation, interpretations and enforcement. The best way to ensure a favorable regulatory environment is to engage the process, including influencing legislation considered by Congress, commenting on regulations and guidances promulgated by executive agencies, and advocating for the amelioration of negative outcomes and simplification of existing requirements.