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Mike Flanagan founded the firm in 2009 as a solo practice because he wanted to use his experience to represent the full range of health care providers, both large and small. Over the years, his practice has grown to include not just health care providers, but also health care associations, suppliers, and technology companies that provide services to the health care industry.

In 2017, Mike was please to be joined by his wife, Maureen Testoni, together forming Flanagan & Testoni LLP. Maureen joins the practice after 30 years in the health care field, advising members of Congress, counseling health care providers while working in large law firms, and addressing health providers’ legal and policy needs through work in health care trade associations.

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E. Michael Flanagan

Mobile: 703-409-3971
Office: 202-349-4277
Fax: 202-785-1756
Mike has represented health care providers since his early work in Medicare and Medicaid regulatory issues over 30 years ago. Read More
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Maureen Testoni

Maureen has represented health care providers for almost 30 years. She is nationally know for her 340B program expertise. Read More
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