HIPAA Compliance: A Necessary Inconvenience

If you are an entity subject to the HIPAA laws and regulations, you probably have concluded long ago that compliance is an inconvenience. You’ve probably reasoned that the risk of committing a HIPAA breach or being subject to a government audit or investigation is so remote as to negate the hassle and expense of compliance.

Of course, you recognize that HIPAA has been the law of the land since 1996. And you have also been hearing from health industry reporting that state health information security and privacy laws are becoming more prevalent, and state agencies more involved in enforcement activities.

Then you occasionally hear of the random HIPAA breach that occurs due to a lost or stolen mobile device or some curious employee accessing patient records for fun or nefarious purposes. And you read about the prohibitive inconvenience of enforcement actions due to lengthy government investigations into internal company practices, resulting in massive fines and expensive corrective action plans, not to mention the reputational hit to the organization and potential lost future business.

At the end of the day, after taking all of that into consideration, do you sleep well realizing that your low risk/high pain adventure might fail drastically at some point? Why not instead consider an insurance plan that involves ongoing guidance from experienced legal counsel in achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance as an operational constant? It might be less expensive and stressful than you think, and the reward of a peaceful night’s sleep will be worth the investment.

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