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New OPPS Rule: Medicare Payment Cuts and Modifier Requirements for 340B Hospitals

On November 1, 2017, HHS announced that it would move forward with substantial cuts in Medicare Part B payments to certain 340B hospitals. In addition to cutting payments, CMS is requiring hospitals that participate in the 340B program to submit modi… Read More
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When Is a Medicare Payment an “Overpayment?”

You are a Medicare provider of Part A and B services, and a member of your billing staff has just alerted you to a billing software glitch that might have resulted in double billing of certain services to the Medicare program. Having been in the busi… Read More
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HIPAA Compliance: A Necessary Inconvenience

If you are an entity subject to the HIPAA laws and regulations, you probably have concluded long ago that compliance is an inconvenience. You’ve probably reasoned that the risk of committing a HIPAA breach or being subject to a government audit or… Read More
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Federal and State Health Agency Relationships

If you are a health care provider that depends on state and/or federal agencies for licensure, certification, and a substantial portion of your revenues, please pay careful attention to what we are about to say. As a general rule, these agencies are… Read More
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Announcing: Flanagan & Testoni LLP

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Flanagan & Testoni health law partnership. Mike Flanagan has been running The Law Offices of E. Michael Flanagan for the past eight years as a solo practice in Washington DC dedicated to federal and… Read More
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