340B Policy and Advocacy

The best way to ensure a favorable regulatory environment is to engage the process, including influencing legislation being considered by Congress, commenting on regulations and guidances promulgated by executive agencies, and advocating for the amelioration of negative outcomes and simplification of existing requirements. Providers may look to change existing interpretations that affect them in ways that simply do not make sense or they can seek to create new policies to accommodate the changing health care market.

Maureen Testoni has dedicated much of her career to 340B program policy and advocacy. As a Senior Vice President at 340B Health for almost seven years, she developed an extensive network of relationships with individuals in Executive agencies and in Congress on 340B policy issues. She has also delved deeply into virtually every 340B policy issue, from transparency and reporting requirements to duplicate discounts in Medicaid managed care, to addressing GPO violation repayments, among many others.

Policy and advocacy in this area can take many forms, such as drafting comments on proposed regulations, developing data to pursue specific policy points, building coalitions with provider and patient groups, and meeting with policymakers.

For advice and help with 340B policy and advocacy, contact Flanagan & Testoni LLP.

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