Medicare / Medicaid

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Flanagan & Testoni LLP offers clients more than thirty years of experience working with the complex statutes and regulations governing Medicare and Medicaid programs. We advise and represent a large range of providers, from large hospital systems to individual practitioners in areas including reimbursement disputes and appeals, compliance, and accusations of fraud and abuse.


The Medicare and Medicaid programs sometimes refuse to pay a health care provider’s claims or seek to recoup payment. Drawing on three-plus decades of health care regulatory experience, Flanagan & Testoni LLP advises providers on the proper ste… Read More

Medicare / Medicaid Compliance

Medicare and Medicaid regulations are extensive and constantly changing. The government accepts no excuses for failing to know and comply with the myriad rules of government health care programs. Michael Flanagan and Maureen Testoni have spent more t… Read More

Medicare / Medicaid Fraud and Abuse

An accusation of Medicare or Medicaid fraud and abuse can saddle a provider with substantial distractions and fines, and could even result in criminal penalties. Even a rumor that the government is considering such an accusation can keep a provider a… Read More

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