Medicare / Medicaid Appeals

The Medicare and Medicaid programs sometimes refuse to pay a health care provider’s claims or seek to recoup payment. Drawing on three-plus decades of health care regulatory experience, Flanagan & Testoni LLP advises providers on the proper steps to take to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome.

Flanagan & Testoni has represented clients in all forms of appeals. A comprehensive understanding of the appeals process enables the firm to intelligently advise a provider on the prospects for successfully pursuing an appeal, or when it is wiser to forego an appeal and instead negotiate a settlement.

Although providers may have reimbursement disputes with Medicare or Medicaid, providers depend on the program for future reimbursement. Years of experience resolving these disputes have taught Flanagan & Testoni how to resolve them so that the cooperative relationship between the programs and the firm's client is preserved.

For advice and help with a reimbursement issue, contact Flanagan & Testoni LLP.

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