Medicare / Medicaid Compliance

Medicare and Medicaid regulations are extensive and constantly changing. The government accepts no excuses for failing to know and comply with the myriad rules of government health care programs. Michael Flanagan and Maureen Testoni have spent more than 45 combined years dealing with these programs, giving them a wealth of knowledge of enormous value to providers. No matter what the issue might be — billing, documentation, Medicare certification or state licensure, for example — Flanagan & Testoni LLP have the expertise to resolve it.

One reason for the firm’s excellent track record is Mike Flanagan’s long-term relationships with agents and representatives of the Medicare and Medicaid programs. In addition, over the years Mike has developed strategies to resolve clients’ compliance issues.

Time is a critical consideration in the compliance area, so Flanagan & Testoni responds quickly to requests for assistance from existing and prospective clients. The firm also keeps clients informed of new and amended rules that might affect their operations.

For advice and help with Medicare/Medicaid compliance issues, contact Flanagan & Testoni LLP.

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