Medicare / Medicaid Fraud and Abuse

An accusation of Medicare or Medicaid fraud and abuse can saddle a provider with substantial distractions and fines, and could even result in criminal penalties. Even a rumor that the government is considering such an accusation can keep a provider awake at night.

The sooner the nature and scope of a fraud and abuse claim is identified and an effective strategy developed, the more favorable the ultimate outcome. Flanagan & Testoni LLP reacts quickly and forcefully to any fraud and abuse threat to prospective and existing clients. The firm has successfully represented health care clients and their principals in every aspect of a fraud and abuse inquiry, from internal fraud audits to plea-bargaining with U.S. attorneys.

Preventive measures can eliminate or minimize the possibility of a fraud and abuse charge. Flanagan & Testoni counsels clients on steps to take to avoid fraud and abuse accusations. The firm also keeps clients informed of developments in the fraud and abuse area, including government enforcement initiatives.

For advice and help with a fraud and abuse issue, please contact Flanagan & Testoni LLP.

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