Healthcare Regulatory Transactional Work

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As the health care industry has grown, so have the number and complexity of health care regulatory transactions — acquisitions, sales, expansions and financings, for example. Mike Flanagan has represented health care clients in every facet of these transactions, including hospitals and hospital systems, individual nursing homes and nursing home chains, home health agencies and chain organizations, medical equipment supply companies, and pharmacy benefit managers. His in-depth understanding of the regulations enables him to quickly:

  • Identify regulatory issues triggered by a transaction;
  • Explain their impact to a client; and
  • Detail the steps required to achieve full compliance.

Large health care acquisitions and financings subject the organization being sold or raising money to regulatory due diligence. Flanagan & Testoni LLP has the background and sophisticated expertise to successfully carry out such investigations.

To learn more about the firm’s health care regulatory transactional work and due diligence, please contact Flanagan & Testoni LLP.

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